1. Where can I check the availability of a domain name? 

The availability of a domain name can be checked by doing a Whois search on the homepage.

2. Which domain names can be registered through COREhub? 

Please find a list of TLDs supported by COREhub. However, please note that COREhub doesn’t offer registration services directly to end users. If you want to register a domain name, please choose among one of the COREhub registrars and resellers who also provide additional services and customer support.

3. How do I modify a domain name registered via COREhub? 

Changes to COREhub domain names must be executed through the COREhub registrar or reseller which is associated with the domain name. This is normally the COREhub registrar or reseller through which the domain name has originally been registered. Changes can only be performed based on authenticated instructions of the domain name holder or persons mandated by the domain name holder, such as the admin contact. The identifier of the COREhub registrar or reseller in charge of a given domain name is shown on the COREhub Whois service for each domain name. In some cases, COREhub registrars and resellers work with agents, so they are not necessarily in direct contact with the registrant. It is of course easier for the agent to authenticate a customer request and to perform it through the systems made available by the COREhub registrar or reseller. However, if the agent does not perform the changes, the registrant can ask the COREhub registrar or reseller to execute them. The COREhub registrar or reseller has the responsibility to make sure that valid and reasonable change requests by the domain registrant are executed. This is true for all types of changes that must be performed through COREhub:

    • changing name servers
    • changing domain name contacts
    • changing the domain name holder address
    • transferring the domain to a new domain name owner

Depending on the case, increased authentication and documentation requirements apply, as in the case of changes to the domain holder information.

You can identify the COREhub registrar or reseller in charge of a domain by going to the COREhub Whois, where each registration is associated with a COREhub registrar and reseller’s number shown as “COREhub-XX”, where XX is the registrar’s or reseller’s number. You can click on this number to see the details as well as a URL leading to the registrar’s or reseller’s web site.

4. What is the redemption status in the whois? 

The redemption status is a period of 30 days consecutive to the deletion of a domain name by a CORE registrar or reseller. This status has the same properties that the hold status, which means that the domain is removed from the zone and the web site using the domain name becomes inactive. Names that are in redemption status may be recovered by the former Registrar.

5. Usually the domain is deleted when the owner fails to renew it in due time and the expiration date is reached.

After the 30 days of redemption pass, the domain is put on “pending delete” during 5 additional days and then the domain name is made available for a new registration.

6. Can I recover a domain in redemption period?

Yes, it is possible. You should contact the CORE registrar or reseller in charge of your domain. If you don’t remember the CORE registrar or reseller in charge of your domain please contact  support@corehub.net. The recovery process is a long and expensive operation, it can take between 24 and 48 hours to make the complete recovery (including the propagation on the root servers).

7. Can I transfer my domain name to be managed by another accredited registrar? 

Yes, you can and reseller must not interfere with any inter-registrar transfer. It is considered an undue interference with the transfer, among other circumstances: (i) tying the transfer to other services or service fees; (ii) charging an abusive transfer fee, according to COREhub; or (iii) not complying with ICANN’s Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy available at http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registrars/transfers/policy. If any of these circumstances occur, please contact  support@corehub.net.

8. What charges, if any, does COREhub make to its partners/resellers where the Registrant (end user) decides to transfer their domain names to a new registrar, or is otherwise terminating their Registration Agreement with COREhub?

COREhub does not charge its partners/resellers for transfers. The prices charged by COREhub’s resellers to registrants, if any, to transfer a domain to a new registrar are freely decided by each reseller. COREhub cannot, and does not, fix reseller’s prices. Thus, you must check on the reseller’s website.

Without prejudice to the above, according to Clause 3.10 of the COREhub Terms & Coditions:

Resellers must cooperate with COREhub in order to comply with any applicable Registry Policy (domain names in ccTLDs) regarding transfers of domain name registrations from another registrar to COREhub, and vice versa.  The Registry Policies are defined as the rules and policies approved by each Registry (including Nominet) now or in the future, including without limitation those referred to and/or linked in here.

It will be considered an undue interference with the transfer, among other circumstances: (i) tying the transfer to other services or service fees; (ii) charging an abusive transfer fee, according to COREhub.

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