Join COREhub. Enjoy all the Advantages of a Neutral Registration Channel

We are non-profit focus organization offering a trusted and efficient neutral registration channel. Becoming a COREhub Partner allows you to register domain names in all gTLDs and the most relevant ccTLDs using COREhub’s accreditation with full access to our administrative and technical system services.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Becoming an ICANN accredited registrar is costly, lengthy and complex. There are countless legal considerations and significant overhead. On the technical level, connecting with several dialects of EPP, proprietary protocols, submission of data escrow deposits, installing whois and name servers are a burden – not to mention the up-front cost of funding working accounts for every registry.

Plan Your Growth

As a COREhub Partner you get full access to all administrative and technical services. These are the services included and some of the most important costs you save:

–   Acreditation costs

      • Drafting ICANN application
      • ICANN Fees
        • ICANN Fixed Fee (> 4.000 USD)
        • ICANN Variable Fee
      • Registry Fees
      • Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) test
      • Data Escrow Agreement
      • Insurance (min 500.000 UDS)

–   Management costs

      • RRAs with each Regitry Operator
      • Management of Deposit accounts with each Registry Operator
      • ICANN Audits
      • Mandatory trainings
      • Dealing with ICANN compliance

–   Technical costs

      • Provisioning system (SRS) – prod + 2 x OTE
      • Data Escrow – daily
      • Domain history
      • Whois service (web and port 43)
      • DNSSEC
      • IDNs

CORE pioneered the concept of synchronous domain registration protocols. In doing so, CORE also made sure that format remained simple and human-readable, easy to automate, and above all: universally suitable for may different TLDs. The name for this multi-registry solution is Common Provisioning Protocol (CPP). It dramatically reduces your implementation obstacles.

COREhub supports smaller and larger Partners, so several forms of communication are available:

  • CPP over Email: Just use one email client to send and receive commands. Used by small companies with low volume.
  • CPP over HTTPS: Use a http-post command to communicate with the COREhub Shared Registration System (SRS). Used for automated scripting with PHP, Perl or Curl.
  • CPP over wire interface: Use an SSL connection. Mostly used by experienced members with high volume.
  • Direct Access via web interface: Create, modify and delete objects via a comfortable web interface.


Using COREhub’s infrastructure is simple and provides a turnkey solution with unified Access to all gTLDs and the most relevant ccTLDs. So why not just use the COREhub infrastructure? Just contact us at


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