Our CORE Principles

COREhub is  a wholy owned subsidiary of CORE Association. COREhub was incorporated to comply with ICANN’s requirement that registrar-reseller services are offered through a legal entity separate from the Registry Operator. Since 1 January 2014 COREhub took over registrar activity from the CORE Association. As a distinct legal entity, COREhub operates as a neutral registrar channel and as such it provides services both to CORE Association members and non-members.

COREhub operates under the same principles it inherited from the CORE Association:

  • COREhub is non-profit oriented. As such, we are committed to your freedom to choose the services that best adapt to your business model.
  • COREhub does not accept direct registration requests for end customers. It does not compete with its Partners.
  • COREhub is committed to upholding the domain holder’s right to freely choose their registrar.
  • COREhub is committed to the technical evolution of the domain name system. CORE was created in 1997 based on the Generic Top-Level Domains Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to launch new names spaces. Since inception, CORE has been active in the development of protocols and methodologies to facilitate access to domain registrations, including a multi-protocol Shared Registration System (SRS) and registration gateway.







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