Registrant Pricing and Billing

COREhub does not offer registration services directly to end users, but through its resellers (also referred as Partners). Thus, if you have a questions on pricing or billing of your domain name registration, please contact the registrar or reseller associated to your domain name. This is normally the COREhub registrar or reseller through which the domain name was registered. The identifier of the COREhub registrar or reseller in charge of a given domain name is shown at the COREhub Whois service. There you can see that each registration is associated with a COREhub registrar or reseller shown as “COREhub-XX”. “XX” is the registrar or reseller’s number. You can click on this number to see the details as well as a URL leading to the registrar or reseller’s website.

COREhub resellers (Partners) may set the prices that they freely determine.  COREhub resellers must, however, clearly display such prices on their website (including renewal fees, post-expiration renewal fees, if different, and redemption/restore fees).

If for any reason you cannot make contact with the registrar or reseller in charge of your domain name, or if the reseller does not have the price list published on their website, please contact



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