Registrant Support

Many questions about registrations via COREhub are answered in our FAQs page. Please check there first.

COREhub does not offer registration services directly to end users. Thus, if you have a questions or need support about your registration, please contact the registrar or reseller associated to your domain name. This is normally the COREhub registrar or reseller through which the domain name was registered. The identifier of the COREhub registrar or reseller in charge of a given domain name is shown at the COREhub Whois service. There you can see that each registration is associated with a COREhub registrar or reseller shown as “COREhub-XX”. “XX” is the registrar or reseller’s number. You can click on this number to see the details as well as a URL leading to the registrar or reseller’s web site.

If for any reason you cannot make contact with the registrar or reseller in charge of your domain name or escalate an issue with your registrar, please contact us at We aim to respond to all points of contact within 2 business days and aim to resolve any issues you have within 3-4 working days.






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