COREhub Registration Agreement


The Registration Agreement is the agreement which governs the registration and use of all domain names managed through COREhub. All COREhub resellers (CORE members and COREhub partners) must ensure that all new registrants enter into the latest version of this Registration Agreement, as published in this website.

1. Registration Agreement (Version 4, dated 01-04-2017)

This is the current binding version of the COREhub Registration Agreement (in MSWord):

COREhub Registration Areement_V4_01-04-17

COREhub Resellers (CORE members and COREhub partners) must have this version in place by April 2016.

Here you will find red-lined comparison of this new version (V4) with the previous one of the agreement (V3):

» Red-lined comparison of V3 (1-Sep-2015) and V4 (1-April-2017)

2. How COREhub Resellers (CORE members and COREhub Partners) must implement the RA

» Resellers must implement the last version of the COREhub Registration Agreement (RA), including any material amendments of the RA published on this page

COREhub resellers (CORE members and COREhub partners) must provide to the new Registrant with a copy of the latest version of the COREhub Registration Agreement as published on this web page, and must ensure that the new Registrant agrees to this agreement at the time of:

  • Registering a new domain name through COREhub,
  • Gaining a domain name from another registrar; and
  • Changing the registrant of a domain name

Resellers must also ensure that registrants accept any future material amendments of the Registration Agreement posted on this website.

Registrant acceptance may be either in electronic or paper form.

» Resellers must not make changes in the wording of the Registration Agreement but they may add non-conflicting additional terms and conditions (for instance, prices).
» Resellers may use a faithful translationof the Registration Agreement into their language/s of communication with the Registrants.
» Resellers may customize the “look and feel” of the Registration Agreement to adapt it to its own corporative image (by, e.g., adding its own logo, its own font typology, colors, etc)

3. Archive Versions

» Historical RA Version 1 (dated 20-Dec-2013)
» Historical RA Version 2 (dated 1-Sep-2015) 

» Historical RA Version 3 (dated 10-Oct-2016)


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