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WHMCS Registrar Module

COREhub has developed a module that can be installed on member/partners’s WHMCS website to provision domains via the COREhub registrar channel.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS (“Web Host Manager Complete Solution”) is an all-in-one customer-facing client system solution for domains offered by WHMCS Limited, a UK company. WHMCS Limited is not affiliated with CORE or COREhub.

It has a front for customers and on the back-end connects to registrar channels via respective registrar modules.

It handles:

  • domain reselling
  • hosting
  • server provisioning
  • DNS
  • invoicing
  • payments
  • billing
  • customer support

WHMCS is written in the PHP programming language. It has a self-install & self-service approach similar to WordPress.

If you are interested in the COREhub WHMCS module please contact us at

Please note that using WHMCS requires a monthly license fee. For more information see: